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​"Cheryl has a laser focus on current and potential opportunities and challenges, an incredible ability to quickly understand goals and advising on what communication and PR strategy is needed to reach them. She helped take my business plan to the next level by identifying what was different about my business, all of the different audiences we needed to connect with and then created the right message strategy for each one, including investor presentations, customer communication and proprietary training materials. Her insight on how to get my message across clearly and to the point was invaluable." -- Rich P. President, Canna Culture Media LL


"We had a product that was in market, ready to launch, with no brand positioning or messaging. Cheryl worked quickly with a global team of founders to put together our brand narrative, digital presence, web copy and media strategy to help us launch at the Consumer Electronic Show. She set up and coached us for interviews with press and potential investors. We got far more media coverage than expected and an effective brand and corporate story to tell to future customers." -- Alex D., COO, RoboEatz 

"​Cheryl is a quick thinker with good instincts, providing great insight, stories and real-life examples. She is always able to zero in on the weak link of a communication whether it’s structure, tone or organization and provide smart and sensitive solutions. Cheryl was able to facilitate and manage a class of students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, earning their respect with on-the-spot feedback delivered without ego and with compassion. Her technique left our executive-level students with concrete strategies that they were able to use in their varying professions." -- Lynn D., Writer and Educator

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