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Business Conference

Consulting for Companies

As companies adapt to a new way of working, with global competition, a war for talent, increased scrutiny and more demands from internal and external stakeholders, the need for strategic communication has never been greater. Whether your company is shifting its business model, organizational structure or undergoing a brand refresh to redefine its vision, mission and purpose, a strong communication foundation is essential.

  • Communication strategy to support business and reputation goals

  • Communication ecosystem to support Merger & Acquisition (M&A) plans

  • Message mapping to identify key messages for diverse audiences

  • Brand purpose and corporate reputation

  • Organizational communication for a strong, informed culture

  • Change management

  • Marketing and public relations to grow brand awareness, affinity and loyalty

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion communication

  • Issues management to anticipate and mitigate risk

  • Product launches

  • Company reorganization and restructuring 

  • Communication training and workshops

Startup Team

Strategy for Startups

 Define your point of difference, platform and brand story to earn credibility with investors, attract media and entice customers. Create your organizational strategy early to set the foundation for future growth.

  • Brand identity

  • Investor and pitch decks

  • Public relations and media 

  • Thought leadership and industry relations

  • Merger and acquisition communication

  • Company and product launches

Startup Team
Motivational Speaker

Support for Leaders

Today's leaders are expected to embody the mission and vision of their company, create a positive culture, invest in their employees' development, and lead profitability -- but with responsibility to the environment, customers and communities.

  • Leadership mission and vision

  • Thought leadership

  • Personal branding

  • Leadership vision and communication

  • Organizational communication 

  • Media training

  • Speechwriting