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U.S. Views on the Israel-Hamas War Depend on Age

Axios News reported a clear generational divide when it comes to how American voters perceive the war in Israel, according to a slew of new polling data. This could explain the university leaders have faced in reacting to the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks.

  • It could also explain why CEOs have not come under the same level of scrutiny, given that most 18- to 24-year-olds have not yet entered corporate America.

The bottom line: Understanding where your audience lands on controversial issues is critical for effective communication, says Cheryl Fenelle Dixon, principal of Perfectly Clear Communications.

  • "Academic institutions have historically been places for debate, intellectual curiosity, idea sharing and finding common ground amidst free speech, which is why communication around the Israel-Hamas war is incredibly complicated for universities," says Dixon.

  • "Add impassioned students and long-standing political conflict to the fray, and it's easy to understand why emotions are running high and a divide is growing deeper."

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