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Action vs. Speed -- Adidas' Response to Ye's Remarks

Did Adidas act quickly enough? Why didn’t they cut ties immediately? Was their statement authentic? Did they do the right thing? Why did the stock price fall? What took them so long? “This was PR nightmare and I’m questioning ever buying from them again!”

So much analysis and opinion on these questions, much of it centering around how quickly Adidas acted, or didn’t act. As a career communication professional who loves a good crisis case study, I know the importance of quick response, acknowledgement, transparency and authenticity.

I believe Adidas did the right thing by launching an investigation before acting. And while I was not in the boardroom, those investigations were not as simple as the right or wrong of Ye’s sentiments – crises never are.

Ye’s comments and actions were reprehensible. Clearly. So why did Adidas need time to investigate? Risk assessment and action planning. Consider the size of the Yeezy business – reportedly close to 10% of the company's annual revenue, about $2 Billion. I’m not an operations expert, but I imagine that impacts a lot of jobs. And, a lot of merchandise already in stores. What happens if jobs are cut as a result, merchandise remains in store long after Adidas terminates the partnership, shareholder prices drop double digits, or Ye sues? More crises to manage.

A thought leader on LinkedIn claimed the company's 4% stock decline was the deservedly steep price it paid for taking so long to cut ties with Kanye West after his antisemitic remarks.

I disagree. Their stock did not fall because they took "so long" to respond. With the loss of Yeezy, there will be an impact to net revenue by terminating the relationship. THAT is why the stock price will be impacted.

Could they have, and should they have, issued another statement as the investigation was ongoing? Absolutely. It may have lessened the perception of inaction. Should they have planned for reputation risk? Yes, and it's likely they did, but possibly not to this level. Most importantly, Adidas did not denounce actions of anti-semitism when it announced its investigation. If the company was fact-checking that Ye actually made offensive statements, they should be cautious not to make accusatory statements and condemn him directly. However, Adidas should have taken the opportunity to state their core values and denounce antisemitism in all forms.

It's difficult to make a big ship take a quick turn. This decision was made carefully, with board-level involvement. Lessons to be learned, for sure, but let’s not lose sight of the outcome. Adidas did the right thing, and the partnership is terminated. Let's see how quickly the stock price recovers.

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