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Brands are addressing consumers’ need for connectivity. See my thoughts in Luxury Daily.


Some quotes from the article: "The #ownyourtime campaign sends the message to its customers and fan base to make the best use of their time at home, to stay strong, and to keep learning, dreaming of adventure and taking care of themselves," said Cheryl Dixon, communication strategist and adjunct professor at Columbia University, New York.

"With this campaign, Panerai is bringing another dimension of their brand ambassadors to life and sharing their personal passions to inspire their fans," she said.

"In addition to contributing towards the crisis recovery effort through monetary donations, goods and services, brands are addressing and acknowledging consumers’ need for connectivity, community, entertainment and self-care," Ms. Dixon said.

"Whether brands pull back the curtain to showcase behind-the-scenes content, make their employees or customers the stars of their campaign, or give back in a way that reflects the values of a brand and its customers, brands have a unique opportunity to go a little off-script and allow consumers to get to know them in a different way," she said.

Many luxury brands are developing content for social media to help stay relevant as people stay in and have more time on their hands. This particular series offers consumers inspiration and practical ways to stay in shape while they are away from the gym.

"There is little patience for, and quick criticism of, brands that appear opportunistic or tone-deaf in these uncertain times, especially in luxury," Ms Dixon said.

"Consumers aren’t likely thinking about how badly they want to buy a new watch, new car right now," she said. "They are thinking of the luxuries of normal life and what they are anxious to return to."

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