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Don't let silence speak for you...

A Variety article revealed that the ‘Ellen’ Crew [was] Furious Over Poor Communication Regarding Pay, Non-Union Workers During Coronavirus Shutdown.

The core team of 30+ employees at the Ellen show reportedly received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month.

While discussions, contingency and business planning were very likely happening at senior levels, the silence spoke more loudly. I’ve seen similar situations all too often.

Three quick tips for open communication in challenging times:

· Don’t get lost in the “bubble” of your core decision makers without sharing any news with others throughout the organization.

· If a plan of action hasn’t been decided upon just yet, it’s okay to say so. Communicate that planning is underway and share what you can.

· Set a regular cadence of communication from a trusted and respected company representative.

Sharing some good news about Ellen…a sneak preview of today’s show revealed that she and Portia de Rossi are donating $1 million to the All-In Challenge, an initiative that aims to raise $100 million for non-profit organizations supporting vulnerable communities amid the coronavirus crisis.

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