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What is the biggest misperception about the communications function?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Prospective graduate students wanted to know...

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It’s always a treat to talk with alumni, current and prospective students…and I was thrilled to join Rebecca Heino, Charlene Perilla, and fellow professors Ethan Pew and Mark Truss for an online information session to talk about the #ColumbiaStratComm program. Among the questions asked about the program execution, culture, benefits of an advanced degree and learning philosophy were a few about the profession overall.

One in particular prompted some spirited answers:

Q: “What is the biggest misperception around communications as a function?”


“That it’s fluff.”

“That our jobs are solely executional. If we are brought in to execute a narrative created only by business leaders without communication experts in the room, they are missing critical expertise and opinion.”

“That it’s not important to the business as a whole. A division president once asked me how a communications plan would directly impact sales. I had to give him a quick review on the importance of brand reputation and consideration in the path to purchase.”

#Crisiscommunications to internal and external stakeholders is in full swing these days. Hopefully there is also a greater understanding of the need for smart, consistent and thoughtful communication to connect us all. #strategiccommunications

In today's environment, strategic, business-savvy communication experts are more critical than ever.

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